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Hi, I'm Alec.

I’m a digital marketer with a wealth of experience as both a practitioner and marketing team leader. I love to help businesses grow and scale by using digital mediums to tell authentic and compelling brand stories. I have had the fortune of touching almost every aspect of digital marketing throughout my career, and my passion for education helps me pass what I've learned on to others in an engaging and empowering way.

Where I've Been

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“When other digital marketing companies failed to deliver, Alec stepped in to help us improve both the quantity and quality of leads we were bringing in. When we knew we needed a better system for tracking these new leads, he came forward with an effective CRM solution tailored to our business. He was easy to work with and put in a lot of effort to ensure we felt comfortable with the strategy. I highly recommend him to any company who needs a strong marketing partner to help them grow.”

Cameron Touch | Relentless Shine

What I've Done

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Moving the Dream Forward

TaskUs • Branding • Video • Event

To showcase the diversity of our team members and our commitment to inclusivity, my U.S. branding team organized and led TaskUs employees in the San Antonio MLK march. We also asked TaskUs teammates to tell us how they want to see Dr. King's dream moved forward in 2020.

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TaskUs Veterans - Reforged

TaskUs • Branding • Video • Partnership

The San Antonio community has a large veteran population, and the TaskUs workforce is a reflection of that. To celebrate our veteran employees, as well as shed light on the unique issues they deal with, my team coordinated with a veteran support organization, Reforged, to send a group of our teammates through their program.

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Woman Up! Campaign

TaskUs • Branding • Video • International

Women's rights and female empowerment are still major issues in many markets TaskUs operates within. My Mexico based branding team and I came up with a concept to interview powerful women in the Tijuana community and ask them for advice to inspire our teammates and community

American Payroll Association Media Kit

APA Online Media Kit

American Payroll Association • Lead Gen • Website • Marketing Automation

The APA Vendor Relations team is responsible for the marketing of sponsorship and advertising products to major payroll software and services companies looking to reach APA's membership and audience. With guidance from the team, I converted their traditional PDF media kit into an immersive online platform, utilizing Hubspot's CRM and marketing automation tools to better track and convert potential customers. In the backend I developed a non-technical interface allowing anyone on the team to create new products or marketing messages in minutes, eliminating the need to wait for a developer to make changes. The creation of this platform greatly improved the team's efficiency and led to increased revenue for the organization.

What I Believe In

Leadership as a Privilege

I believe that the opportunity to lead others is a gift that comes with a powerful responsibility to be a leader worth following. I believe that my mission is to serve those that I lead, to make their lives better every day, and to be a steadfast ally for them when times get tough.

People Above Profit

I believe that the best interest of my clients, my team members, and my community must always come before my need for profit. By thinking both creatively and empathetically, I believe that I can always find a way to bring value to others, and in doing so power my own growth.

Dedication to Innovation

I believe that it is my duty to always push the boundaries of what I can do, to never sit still when I can be learning, and to constantly find new ways to help those around me. Because I know that by educating myself, I can learn to better serve others.

How I Can Help

If you are looking for a partner to help grow your business or a leader to guide your organization, I encourage you to reach out to me. I'm always looking for new opportunities to drive value and help others.

I am currently available for consulting appointments helping address digital marketing, customer journey, and business process challenges. I am also open to employment opportunities with the right company.

Phone: 1-719-310-8396


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